With more and more of the population getting their vaccine doses, the coronavirus pandemic is finally in the rear-view window for people around the world. This doesn’t mean it is officially over, however, as some people still aren’t vaccinated and could be at risk of catching or even transmitting the virus.

For business owners, the pandemic has raised some new challenges. You are probably ready to open your business back up in full capacity, but how will you handle things like occupational health screenings, deciding whether or not to mandate the vaccine in your business, and the rest?

Requirements: Vaccine or No Vaccine?

Legally, employers have the right to mandate whether or not their employees need to get the COVID-19 vaccination in order to work. This is entirely up to you, however, and you should think carefully about this decision. You can also provide incentives to try to encourage your staff to get vaccinated, if you’d like.

What Should You Screen For?

In your employee health screenings, you should check for the symptoms of COVID-19, but you might not want to treat every employee with a specific symptom as a potential COVID-19 case, because some of these symptoms are very non-specific (for example, headaches). However, you can screen for some of the most well-known and unexpected symptoms, including:

·    Fevers and chills

·    A newly formed cough

·    Having a hard time breathing

·    Developing a sore throat

·    Experiencing vomiting or diarrhea

·    Sudden loss of smell or taste

If an employee confirms they feel one or more of these symptoms, they could be a potential carrier of COVID-19, in which case you would want to suggest they get checked and treated as quickly as they can to ensure they are not infected.

A Healthy Business

occupational health screenings

You have the right to make sure everyone in your business is as healthy as possible. Occupational health screenings are a big part of keeping your staff healthy and safe, so don’t feel bad about doing what you need to do in order to achieve that goal.